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Schülerarbeitsblatt - Football in England

  1. Describe Tony's way of life. What does the football club of West Bromwich Albion mean to him? Compare to your family and take these aspects into account:
    • job
    • football and family tradition
    • Tony's hobby and his behaviour towards his wife
    • free time activities at the weekend
    • his opinion on professional football
  2. In the programme Tony says, 'Some people believe playing football is a matter of life and death. But that isn't true. There's even more to it.' - Explain what this means.
  3. Describe how Lee Hughes lives and what West Bromwich Albion means to him. Compare his way of life to that of a famous player of the German 'Bundesliga'. Think of these ideas:
    • trained job
    • sports career and successes
    • opinion on his life as a footballer
    • money that may be earned
    • chances and risks for the future
  4. In the programme Lee says, 'Sometimes you have to work hard to entertain people. At the end of the day people should have the feeling having been entertained well.' - Explain!
  5. An Internet project. Work in small groups of four to six on these subjects: Present the results of your research work on posters for your classroom or even your school's website. Illustrate your work with pictures or drawings from the various websites.
  6. Ethnicity in Birmingham
    Look at this table and explain in your own words why Birmingham has a multi-racial society.

Ethnic Group Residents Sub-Total Percentage
White   754,274 78.5
Black-Caribbean 44,770   4.7
Black-African 2,803   0.3
Black-Other 8,803   0.9
Black   56,376 5.9
Indian 51,075   5.3
Pakistani 66,085   6.9
Bangladeshi 12,739   1.3
Asian   129,899 13.5
Chinese 3,315   2.1
Other-Asian 5,653   0.3
Other-Other 11,524   1.2
Chinese & Others   20,492 3.6
Total   961,041 100.00

The latest population figure for Birmingham is for mid- 1998, which is 1,013,400.

Explain the above figures in your own words. The following expressions may be helpful:

The chart shows the proportions of the ... ethnic which make up the Black and Minority Ethnic population in Birmingham. The 1991 Census showed that ... of Birmingham's population is ... . Ethnic minorities / groups form ... of the population. There are more / nearly ... as many 'Asians' as ... groups. Pakistanis / ... form the smallest / largest second biggest single ethnic minority group.

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