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The rules of soccer for the beginner

Soccer is a fun game that can played almost anywhere and is played all over the world in large stadiums and in backyards.

Soccer is played by 2 teams (usually with 11 players each) on a field with a goal mouth at each end, using a round ball large enough to control with the feet. The aim of soccer is to score more goals than the opposing team. A goal is given when the ball passes through the goal mouth of the opposing team. If a player kicks the ball through their own goal mouth, the opposing team is still given the goal.

Players may propel the ball in any direction with any part of their body without their hands and arms, except for the goalkeeper on each team who is allowed to use their hands and arms within the penalty box.

Players may pass the ball to other team members in any direction as often as they like, for as long as they like.

When the ball goes out of play over the sideline, the team opposite to the team who last touched the ball is given a throw in.

When a team propels the ball over the opposition's goal line but not through the goalmouth, the opposite team is awarded a goal kick. The goal kick is taken in front and to the side of the goal mouth.

When a team propels the ball over their own goal line but not through the goal mouth, the opposition is awarded a corner kick. A corner kick is taken from the corner of the goal line and sideline, to the side of goal mouth that the ball passed over.

A goal cannot be scored from an offside position. A player is offside when the ball is passed forward to them and there are less than 2 players between them and the opposition goal line. A player cannot be offside while in their own half of the field or if they are passed the ball by an opposing player.

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