Learning German with Mumbro & Zinell

A fun way to learn German! Children will love the cuddly characters and their adventures in the films. And they will enjoy playing the interactive game.
Teachers will find extensive teaching materials.

Mumbro & Zinell: The Multimedia Package

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10 films illustrate the adventures of Mumbro and Zinell, who come from an unknown underground world. Their grumpy king sends them to the World of the Humans to bring back a very special gift for him. Each episode concentrates on particular fields of vocabulary and grammar.

The interactive learning adventure can be played online right here. The 6 x 9 exercises enable learners to get to know basic German vocabulary and grammar and to practice their listening, reading and writing skills.

„Mumbro & Zinell: das Lernpaket (deutsch)



MUMBRO and ZINELL live in an unknown underground world. In each episode their grumpy King sends them on a mission to the World of the Humans. He orders them to bring him a very special treasure. If they fail, he will send them to a very awful place. In the World of the Humans MUMBRO and ZINELL are drawn into exciting adventures. Either one of them will get himself into a very dangerous situation, or they will have to help a human person to get out of some predicament. Will they find the treasure for their King before time runs out? And if they do, will the King accept their gift or send them to some awful place after all?

Mumbro & Zinell at the Hospital

The King wishes to receive „sounds“. In the World of the Humans, Mumbro and Zinell get into an ambulance and end up at the emergency room of a hospital. Mumbro is being examined and a doctor wants to operate on him. In order to save Mumbro, Zinell and a helpful young woman doctor “kidnap” Mumbro and escape. Back in their underground world, the two friends offer their King a stethoscope. At first the King is not amused.

Language topics: body, wellbeing & health

Mumbro & Zinell at the Circus

The King is lonely and wishes for a “family”. Mumbro and Zinell are taken to a small family circus where the clown has been taken ill. While the father and the mother are desperately looking for a replacement, their son Philipp decides to work on his own circus act. Mumbro and Zinell help him with his performance, and they also find a family to take back to the King. Will he be happy with it?

Language topics: family, character, looks, age

Mumbro & Zinell at the Department Store

The King wishes to be given „weather“. Mumbro and Zinell alight on the parking deck of a department store and observe two men who intend to rob the safe. Inside the department store Mumbro and Zinell wreak havoc and contribute to the thieves’ arrest. Meanwhile, outside, there has been a heavy storm, and Mumbro and Zinell collect some snow to take back to their King…

Language topics: clothes, colors, seasons, weather

Mumbro & Zinell Moving House

The King is tired and wants Mumbro and Zinell to bring him something that will “wake him up”. The two friends find themselves in a street behind a moving van. A musician is moving into his new apartment. Some of the neighbors fear the noise, others are being helpful. The chaotic move turns into a marching band which leads to a party in the back yard. In the end, Mumbro and Zinell find an instrument which will hopefully wake up their King

Language topics: neighbors, house, furniture, celebrating, music

Mumbro & Zinell in the Forest

The King intends to play Mumbro and Zinell off against each other: each of them is to find a treasure, and afterwards one of them is going to be dismissed. Mumbro and Zinell find themselves on the edge of a forest. They observe a group of boys and girls who are quarreling and who are about to get lost in the forest. Mumbro and Zinell help them to reach their destination, and they also have an idea how they can solve their problem with the King.

Language topics: friends, relationships, feelings, opinions.

Mumbro & Zinell in the Kitchen

The King is hungry and orders Mumbro and Zinell to bring him “something to eat”. Mumbro lands in a supermarket and Zinell gets stuck in the freezer in the kitchen of a restaurant. They both help Niko, the owner’s son, to cook so that the restaurant can open on time. Since the food is very particular they are not sure of their success. And they have to think of the King’s grumbling stomach, too.

Language topics: food, shopping, cooking, eating

Mumbro & Zinell on the Farm

The King wishes to own “an animal”, and Mumbro und Zinell are taken to a farm. They meet Mascha who has to muck out the stable, although it is her birthday.  Repeatedly Mumbro und Zinell discover strange wild animals all over the farm. Together with Mascha they follow their tracks and are in for a surprise. When they return to their King --- they still haven’t found an animal for him.

Language topics: animals, nature, environment

Mumbro & Zinell at School

This time the King asks for „knowledge“. Mumbro and Zinell enter a school which appears to be haunted. Just after midnight they are arrested by the caretaker who takes them for burglars and then proceeds to fulfill his dream: For once in his life he wants to be a teacher. He demonstrates how one can acquire knowledge and starts a scientific experiment. After this uncanny experience Mumbro and Zinell present their King with their newly acquired knowledge.

Language topics: school, studying, knowledge

Mumbro & Zinell Out and About

The King wishes to own a “means of transportation”. Mumbro und Zinell find themselves in the middle of a very busy intersection and are almost run over by a skater called Timo. They decide to accompany Timo to the skating contest. But when they are about to take an underground train they get separated from Timo and are caught dodging the fare. At the last minute they reach the skating rink and also find a solution for their mission.

Language topics: excursions, traffic, transportation, city, leisure, sport

Mumbro & Zinell at the Museum

The King wishes to receive something very „old“. In the World of the Humans, Mumbro and Zinell meet Jana who takes them to a museum. She has to do research on the stone age. In the medieval section, Zinell causes utter chaos and Mumbro’s life is put at risk. Finally they escape from the museum and, at the last moment, discover something „old“ for their King.

Language topic: history, the past, research, media

The Interactive Learning Adventure

The game starts in Mumbro & Zinells cave and goes on to six learning environments
Moving House – a market – a department store – a farm – a school – a circus.
In each of these environments you will find nine exercises which enable you to get to know basic German vocabulary and grammar.

Each exercise offers to practice four skills:  Becoming acquainted with the language material/ Listening Comprehension / Reading /and Writing.
The exercises adjust themselves to your level. When the examples get too hard for you, the software will automatically return to the easier examples until you are ready to move on.

Interactive Learning Adventure: Walkthrough

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„Mumbro & Zinell: Anleitung (deutsch)

Having set up the game you will find yourself in a cave, home of Mumbro & Zinell.
To start the game -> put the plug into the socket and -> pull the lever.
Now you have access to six learning environments.
You can either access them by clicking on the yellow note, the cooking pot, the shopping cart, the pencil, the fork or the drum.
Or you -> turn right until a control panel appears. -> Click on it and choose a location.

Each learning environment consists of two scenes. The first one shows the setting
and contains a few fun clicks. The second scene is the ->  access point to the exercises

Navigation Symbols

Navigation Symbols within Exercises
(upper left hand corner)

Choose the skill you want to practice:

Getting to know the language material

Listening comprehension





Main Navigation Symbols
(upper right hand corner)

One step back


Learners’ Diary



Close the game

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