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A travel brochure

Imagine you want to develop a travel brochure for people who are interested in traveling to the Orkney Island. Work in groups of four to six along these lines:

  • Watch the programme carefully and take down important notes, perhaps in the form of a mind map.
  • Try and collect additional information on the Orkney Island as well as the ba'game.
  • Once you have checked all your material and decided whether it is useful for you or not, start organizing all short texts, photos, illustrations, etc.
  • Start rewriting your material in your own words, possibly with the help of a computer.
  • Don't forget to include nice photos, interesting facts and figures!
  • When you have finished, check the grammar. Pay special attention to tenses and word order. Check your words. Have you used them correctly? Is your spelling correct? Watch out for your 'favourite mistakes'! - You may use a grammar book, a dictionary, or ask a partner or your teacher for help.
  • Arrange all your work on posters and put them up in class or organize an kind of exhibition in your school. - If possible you may even publish your result on the website of your school.

These ideas may help you with your project.

Go to this website www.orkneyjar.com and look for this sort of information:

Orkney Isles

  • Where are these isles situated?
  • How many people live on the Orkney archipelago? What does the name 'Orkney' really mean?
  • Describe the capital of Orkney - Kirkwall.
  • What does the countryside look like? How can Orkney be divided?
  • How travelers can get to Orkney? Why is it not uncommon to have air transport?
  • What's the climate like? Find out about the influence of the Gulf Stream on the local climate.
  • Can you prove this hypothesis? Summers are long with almost continual daylight - in June the sun is above the horizon for over 18 hours - contrasted sharply by the long dark winter months when the sun rises after 9 am and begins to climb beneath the horizon again around 3 pm.
  • Add some interesting facts and figures about Orkney.
  • Mention some interesting facts from Orkney's history, e.g. the Standing Stones of Stenness, etc.

Ba' Game

  • When is the Ba' game played?
  • Who are the opposing teams?
  • Since when has this ball game been played?
  • What is it played with? How is a ba' made?
  • What is the aim of the game?
  • Describe a typical game as seen on television.

When you have worked out all the above aspects write a personal comment on the Kirkwall Ba'game. What do you think of this game? Would you like to watch it or even play a game of ba'?

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