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The Origins of Ba' Game

Read this text about the origins of the Orkney Ba' game and complete it.

Twice each year, on Christmas Eve and on New Years Day, ____________ (maayngoH) as the Scottish say, the householders and ____________ (hoepekpssre) along Kirkwall's main street erect barricades ____________ (aosrsc) their doors and windows to prepare ____________ (irnhtygeve) for next day's traditional ba' game. The ____________ (edia) of the game is that the men and ____________ (soyb) of the town are either 'Uppies' or '____________' (niooseD). Originally it depended upon whether you ____________ (eerw) born to the north of the ____________ (laerdhtaC) in which case you were a ____________ (ooDn)-the-Gates (Doonies) or to the ____________ (suhto), an Up-the-Gate (Uppie). These ____________ (aysd) however family loyalty is sometimes more ____________ (otnatrpmi) than the place of your birth and ____________ (nyam) players will play for the same ____________ (edis) as their father and their grandfathers' did ____________ (feerob) them. The ba' itself is a ____________ (dmdaenah), cork-filled, leather ball specially made by a few ____________ (cadainrO) craftsmen. At the stroke of one ____________ (o' ckolc) the ba' is thrown into the ____________ (wdorc) of men in front of the ____________ (hldaetraC) and each side must then try and ____________ (rayrc) the ba' to their own territories at ____________ (epitsopo) ends of the town. The Uppies ____________ (oalg) is to touch the ba' against a ____________ (awll) in the south end of the ____________ (wont) whereas the Doonies have the task of ____________ (gtinteg) the ba' into the water of the ____________ (rbahuor) to the north. As soon as the ba' ____________ (adnls) in the pack, the players form a ____________ (hgitt) scrum around the leather trophy while ____________ (sreyalp) on the outside bracing themselves against the ____________ (bigdlisnu) to prevent the opposition gaining ground. The teesrts ____________ become their playing field and a icplayt ____________ ba' game can go on for ____________ (suorh) with men pushing and pulling to try and ____________ (inag) a few metres ground. Very often duginr ____________ (duginr) a game the majority of the ____________ (esryalp) have no idea where the ba' ____________ (ultlayca) is. There are no hard and ____________ (saft) rules and although the game is ____________ (yliraf) rough, tempers are usually held in ____________ (ccekh) and foul play is not tolerated.

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