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Material 3

Mindmap (deutsch)

Die Grafik zeigt eine Mindmap zum Thema "Mexikaner in Kalifornien"

Übertrage diese mindmap in dein Heft und vervollständige sie während und nach der Sendung!

Mindmap (english)

Die Grafik zeigt eine englische Mindmap zum Thema "Mexicans in California"

Copy this mind map into your exercise-book and complete it while and after watching the program.

Questions on the program

  • Describe the working conditions of the Mexican fruit pickers around Watsonville.
  • In what way has the town of Watsonville changes over the last few years?
  • Find out what farm products are grown in the Central Valley? Why is irrigation necessary? Look at the map and say where the water comes from.
  • What is Louis Espinoza's life like? What about his family? Compare their situation to those classmates whose parents or grandparents came to Germany from Spain, Italy, Turkey, etc. more than 30 years ago.
  • How does the border patrol try to stop illegal immigrants from crossing the Mexican-Californian border?