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Some Football Rules

Object of the Game:

Two teams of 11 players each try to score points by kicking goals or putting the ball across the opponents' goal line. The winning team is the one that scores the greatest number of points.


Each player wears:

1. A helmet with a face mask.
2. A jersey with the colour of his team. Players are to be numbered as follows:

  • ends = 80-89
  • tackles = 70-79
  • guards = 60-69
  • centers = 50-59
  • fullbacks = 30-39
  • halfbacks = 20-29; 40-49
  • quarterbacks = 1-19

3. Pants, stocking, shoes.
4. Hip, thigh, knee or shin pads.
5. Elbow, hand, wrist or forearm pads.
6. Rib and kidney pads.
7. Chest and shoulder pads.


The game is played in four 15-minute quarters. There is a 15-minute interval at halftime.

Kicking off:

The kick-off may be taken from a tee, another player may hold the ball for the kicker or the ball can be drop kicked.


A touchdown - 6 points - occurs when a player carries the ball to the opponents' end zone and touches the goal line with the ball. A field goal - 3 points - occurs when a player kicks the whole of the ball through the opponents' goal by means of a place kick or a drop kick, without the ball touching the ground or any of his team-mates.


  • Collect more information about American football or your favourite team and make a collage.
  • What other games you know are from America? Are they as popular as football?