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Emsley A. Laney High School - Misc.

Regular Bell Schedule

Period Begins Ends
Warning Bell 7:15 am
Flex 1 7:20 am 8:15 am
First Period 8:20 am 9:25 am
Second Period 9:30 am 10:25 am
Third Period 10:30 am 11:25 am
Fourth Period 11:30 am 12:25 pm
Fifth Period 12:30 pm 1:25 pm
Sixth Period 1:30 pm 2:25 pm
Seventh Period 2:30 pm 3:30 pm


Compare this schedule with that of your school.

Grading system (in %)

Grade Percentage
Grade A 93-100
Grade B 85- 92
Grade C 77- 84
Grade D 70- 76
Grade E 69 and below

Honor Roll

Roll Published
First Honor Roll All A's
Second Honor Roll B Average

Names of honor roll students are published in the Morning STAR (daily newspaper).


  • Compare this grading system to yours.
  • Would you like to have your name published in the school magazine? Why? Why not?

School attendance

Each semester a student may only be absent three (3) days per class. Any absence beyond three will result in loss of credit for the course unless time is made up hour for hour. Medical emergencies beyond three days may be approved by the principal with proper documentation.

  • What happens if you miss school?

Rules for driving at LHS

  1. A fee of $ 18.00 per year will be collected and a parking permit issued for one vehicle per family.
  2. Student parking is allowed in spaces that are marked in white.
  3. Freshmen are not permitted to drive to school. This privilege is reserved for Juniors and Seniors. Sophomores will be served after all Juniors and Seniors have received their permits.

  • Find out about driving licences in the USA.
  • What do many students do to meet the costs of their cars?

Performing groups

  1. Marching Bucs: instrumental music, Pom Pon girls, Flag and Drill Team. The band performs at half-time of all football games.
  2. The Dance Club - The Drama Club - The Vocal Ensemble
  3. The Orchestra: string, wind, brass and percussion players
  4. The Pep Band: performs during half-time at basketball games

Special interest clubs

  1. Bible Club - Bowling Club - Earth Day Club - Model Aircraft Club
  2. WLHS Student Radio

Subject-related clubs

African-American History Club - Art Club - Computer Club - German Club - Science Club - French Club - Latin Club - Spanish Club

  • Which of the above activities are shown in the film?
  • Which of them would you like to take part in?
  • What kinds of extra-curricular activities are there at your school?