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Material 6

Who this be the Bi Ba Butzemann?

I shake, rattle, roll
now this club's about to blow
while selector takes charge
I come from the soul

Down deep rhythm cuts the mere mortals
but see - I'm god of this ring
or should I say the reigning king

Here I stand
the Bee Bah Bootse Man
the sheriff of discotheque
enforce the law of this land
lights flashing, bodies clashing
dodging non-clipper fighters
I'm on top, not for the cash
let 'em know, huh!

I'm not the one to sleep on
no enemy can see dawn
I see them all as pawns
come strong with tactic and skill
damage them in the first and the second rounds
the third I go for the kill

See this battle's for real
in the eyes of the contender
ring the alarm -
next man up
in no time the last man
set ass pan fire
hit men for hire

Crowd's getting hyper now
I feel the level rise
can you take the pressure
coming down to do or die
adrenaline but no sweating
a little vexed, never stress
I flip and vent relentless

With windmill assaults
your shield level defaults
your defenses collapse
you can't deal with the attack
Bee Bah Bootse Man come down

Das Bild zeigt eine Wand mit vielen Graffiti.


  • Compare this rap song to the German original Butzemann tanzt.
  • What is this rap version about?
  • What do you think of the idea of this rap?