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Material 4

Questions on the program

  • Describe the atmosphere at Fred's Lounge in Mamou on a Saturday morning.
  • What is the countryside like in South Louisiana? Think of the swamps and bayous.
  • Watch the houseparty at the Trahans'. What is a typical Cajun houseparty like?
  • Characterize Cajun music. Think of the instruments, the rhythm and the way it is sung.
  • What information do you get about the origin of the Cajuns? Where are they from? Note down the most important facts about their odyssey through North America.
  • What information do you get about their language, their food and their way of life?
  • Why were the Cajuns often called 'hillbillies'?
  • Describe the production of rice in Louisiana and say what it is used for.
  • Crawfish are very popular in Louisiana. Where are they fished? What are they used for?
  • Collect information on the production of tabasco sauce. What is it made of? When is the capsicum pepper picked?
  • The production of crude oil and gas has played an increasing role in Louisiana. Where are they produced? Describe the offshore production in your own words.
  • In what way has the oil industry influenced the south west of Louisiana?
  • Where did the black Creoles in Louisiana come from originally?
  • What kind of music is typical of them? Characterize it and compare it to white Cajun music.
  • What is said about racism in Southern Louisiana?