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Material 8

Chris Ardoin and Double Clutchin: 'Lick It Up!'

The big trend in South Louisiana dance halls these days is the emergence of the "zyde-kids", a new generation of zydeco musicians still in their teens or barely out of them who have copied the successful riff-and-groove approach of Beau Joque. The most popular of these youngsters is the disappointingly stiff Keith Frank, but the best is Chris Ardoin, a 15-year-old accordionist and singer. The youngster co-leads, Sean, who also sings, writes and drums. On their third album, "Lick It Up!" the brothers capture the excitement of their live show in 14 songs that take an infectious squeeze-box riff and push it hard through a syncopated beat. The brothers are sons of zydeco musician Lawrence Ardoin, grandsons of Bois Sec Ardoin and cousins of Creole-music legend Amade Ardoin. They take advantage of this rich family tradition by adapting such old songs as "Hey Joe Pitre", "Uncle Bud" and "Texas Two Step" to the new Beau Joque sound. On his small button accordion, Chris plays the short melodic figures that catch the ear, while on his drums Sean plays the quickened "double clutching" kick-drum patterns that catch the hips. It's a seductive combination for dancers and listeners alike - and the freshest new development in zydeco since Beau Joque himself.


  • What is said about Chris Ardoin in the program?
  • How is his music judged by the Washington Post?
  • How do you like his kind of music?
  • Would he be successful in Germany?