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Material 5

Haight-Ashbury Farewell

From this city they say you are going ...
I am sorry you feel you must flee
But remember your friends who were hippies
And stayed in the Haight-Ashbury.

So come sit in the park one more hour
It was here you first opened your mind
And in friendship I'll give you a flower
To remind you of love left behind.

Oh, I hear you've been talking of justice
Of improving the world and all men
But I tell you that world is a circle
Leading back to yourself once again.

If you love this old world and wish truly
To improve it before you are dead
You don't have to press others unduly
Better start with the world inside your head.


  • Lies dieses Gedicht und finde Ereignisse aus der Sendung, die einzelne Zeilen erklären.


  • Read this poem carefully and find examples of incidents from the program that help explain it.