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Links und Literatur

Teens in London: Lucy & her Egyptian Family

  • Externer LinkLondon entdecken

    Die offizielle Seite der Stadt informiert über die Sehenswürdigkeiten und die kulturellen Highlights in London. Wer sich von der englischen Atmosphäre anstecken lässt und Lust auf eine Reise nach London bekommt, kann hier außerdem nach Übernachtungsmöglichkeiten suchen.

  • Externer LinkLucy's High School

    Die offizielle Seite der Streatham & Clapham High School gibt einen Einblick in den abwechslungsreichen Schulalltag. Neben der Vorstellung des Lehrangebots präsentieren sich alle Stufenbereiche und auch die künstlerischen Tätigkeiten der Schüler werden dokumentiert.

Bicycle Polo in Dublin

  • Externer LinkPolo Rules

    Everybody can write articles for Wikipedia, the free online encyclopedia. This page offers detailed information about horse polo. You can learn about the history of this sport and find out everything about its rules and the equipment that is needed.

  • Externer LinkEducation in Ireland

    This website is operated by the International Education Board Ireland, a body that was founded by the Irish government in order to promote and support the development of the Irish education system. On this site, you can find out everything about the latter: from kindergarten to university.

  • Externer LinkIrish Department of Education and Skills

    This is the website of the Irish government's Department of Education and Skills. Here, you can find information on the department as well as an overview about the Irish education system and a number of general statistics on it.

Behind the Scenes - Filmproduction in Ireland

  • Externer LinkThe Ardmore Studios

    In the film you saw how Jessica visited the Ardmore Studios in Bray, a town 12 miles south of Dublin. Many movies and tv-shows have been produced here, such as "The Tudors". On the studios' website you can find out about all the production facilities and services they have on offer.

  • Externer LinkThe Tudors

    Jessica visited shootings for the tv series "The Tudors". It is based on the life of Henry VIII, an English King from the Royal House of Tudor. If you want to find out more about the Tudors and their times, you can check out this BBC website with lots of information on the historical background.

  • Externer LinkIrish Film and Television Awards

    The Irish Film and Television Awards are the Irish equivalent of the famous Oscars. Each year, they are being awarded in more than 30 categories. In 2009, "The Tudors" received several awards, including the one for the best drama series. Visit this website to find out in which other categories "The Tudors" were also successful.

Teens in Cornwall

David Fermer, surf4ever
Thienemann, Stuttgart/Wien, 2011, 205 Seiten, ISBN 978 3 522 20109 4 Mo, Cruncher and Bomba – three friends from Bochum – spend their summer holidays on a surftrip. On their first day in Newquay they meet local Ethan and surfer girl Ashley. Together they explore the best surfspots in England. David Fermer's book "surf4ever" is written in both German and English: While the reader gets to know Mo's point of view in German, Fermer presents Ashley's perspective in English. Important or difficult vocabulary is marked and explained on the end of every page.