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Hintergrund: Interview

Interview mit Shefali Verma

  • Porträtfoto von Shefali Verma Shefali Verma spielt in Großbritannien Theater; Rechte:WDR

Während der Dreharbeiten zu "Flirt English" im heißen Sommer 2006 hatte die gesamte Crew eine tolle Zeit - ganz ähnlich wie die vier Hauptfiguren in der Sendereihe. Im Interview mit dem WDR Fernsehen für die Schule erzählt Shefali Verma, die Darstellerin der zupackenden Engländerin Nina, von ihren Erinnerungen und Eindrücken aus Köln.

What are your strongest memories from Cologne last summer when "Flirt English" was filmed?

It was great! The cast, the crew and Cologne just worked really well together. It was fun. I remember some really HOT days where I could even keep count of the number of bottles of water I was drinking. The story was so real that it helped so much with the characters and relationships. I definitely made some new friends.

In the series you play Nina from London. What is her role in the plot?

Two best friends come to Cologne from England. I was one of them. We were there to learn some German and experience somewhere outside of London. Julie also came away from her ex-boyfriend. My character was colourful and energetic yet a supportive friend. She also has a lot of strength to give when Julie needs it. And is the clearer mind in misunderstandings. Alex (one of the German boys) is her partner in crime.

  • Die vier Hauptdarsteller sitzen auf einem Mauervorsprung und schauen in die Kamera Shefali mit Manuel Reimer, Cem Tekin und Julie Salgado (v.li.); Rechte: WDR

Which episode do you like best?

Probably episode one to film! It was so much fun filming in the club and on the U-Bahn. Also some of the characters 1st conversations are so funny. We had to cut so many times because we couldn’t stop laughing. The last one too was fun but very emotional too and we filmed a lot of that towards the end of our stay that it managed to mirror some our feelings. We made some good friends that we had been together all day and then it’s time to get back home.

Julie and Nina just know a few words in German. The young German men do not speak perfect English either. How do they still manage to communicate with each other?

Around the world there are always people meeting who can’t speak the language but they will always get what they want. Where there’s a will there’s a way! But the boys spoke a tiny amount at the start but by the end they were terrific…our German wasn’t too bad either!!

  • Shefali sitzt auf einer Schaukel, neben ihr steht Manuel. Im Vordergrund ist der Kameramann zu sehen. Eine kurze Besprechung und schon geht es weiter; Rechte: WDR

In the beginning the series there are some misunderstandings between the two girls from England and the two boys from Germany. Have you experienced similar communication problems due to language or culture?

Misunderstandings happen being from the same culture and language! But ultimately you have to be open to other cultures and languages only then will people be open to yours.

  • Die beiden Hauptdarstellerinnen stehen in einem Garten und lesen gemeinsam das Drehbuch Julie und Shefali gehen ihren Text noch mal durch; Rechte: WDR

What do British youths usually think of Germans? In your opinion, what are the actual differences between young German and English people?

I think England now is just so full of different cultures and religions. London, where I live, is such a cosmopolitan city and we have so many German people there. I wondered how I would get around for 5 weeks not knowing how to speak German, but it was fine. So many people spoke English and it was great. Also Cologne is so cosmopolitan and is full of so many cultures and languages.

A curious question: Is there only one love story in "Flirt English" [between Nina's friend Julie and Can from Cologne] or maybe two?

Haha.. Nina will stay quiet… you decide! ;)

Shefali Verma (25) ist die einzige professionell ausgebildete Schauspielerin unter den Hauptdarstellern. Sie spielt Theater in Großbritannien und hat bereits in mehreren Bollywood-Filmen mitgemacht.